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We make the finest Cornish pasties for you to bake yourself binary . They are available in leading shops and supermarkets throughout the country.

About Crantock Bakery - Cornwall’s best.

Founded in 1981, Crantock Bakery has grown from a butcher’s shop in a north Cornish seaside village to one of the leading producers of Cornish pasties with a turnover of £12 million.
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Our products

We make a huge variety of Cornish pasties – over 30 different fillings are available – and at least as many types of sausage rolls, hand-raised pies, turnovers, and calzones. We also make sweet products: scones, Cornish “heavy cake” and sweet filled pasties.
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Doing business

Our business is bake off – we only make products invest in the stock market for you to bake. Our products are sold from the tip of Scotland to the foot of Cornwall; in independent bakeries, national supermarkets and well-known pasty chains. Further afield you’ll find our products on ferries, trains and all over Europe. But all our products are made at our purpose-built bakery in Cornwall, and all our pasties are hand-crimped in the traditional way.
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Pasty Facts

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Cornish pasty – and more. Discover the history of the pasty; find out what makes a Cornish pasty unique; and there’s even a Cornish pasty recipe to make your own at home best shares to buy in south africa .
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Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe

The Crantock Bakery Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe makes four medium pasties
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Think you know a genuine Cornish pasty?

Download our identification guide: The Anatomy of a Cornish Pasty

The Taste of Cornwall